Finished drugs

The definition of a finished drug product can be found in 4 (1) of the Medicines Law. It reads: "Finished drugs are drugs that are prepared in advance and sold in specific packaging to the consumer..." The drugs are mostly in the form of tablets, capsules, drops, liquids, ointments and suppositories. For Phytotherapy (healing with plants) numerous drugs are also available in pharmacies in which drugs or drug preparations are processed. One distinguishes between the drug preparations: the chopped drug to prepare a tea, the milled drug (= drug powder) and the dried extract for the manufacture of tablets, capsules and pills, tincture for the preparation of drops and the fluid extract for juices, salves and other ointments to name a few. A finished drug with a drug formulation is called an "herbal medicine" or phytopharmacon (plural: phytopharmaceuticals).

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